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About Us

YES WE ARE OPEN Normal Hours 8am-11:55pm.  YES CURBSIDE PICK-UP IS NOW AVAILABLE. Updates Re Covid-19

We opened our doors on August 20th, 2014 as one of the first legal Cannabis stores in the state and the country. Since then we have dedicated ourselves to providing a unique and unequaled shopping experience for the Bellingham recreational marijuana market.

Since July of 2016 we’ve also been licensed to provide medical marijuana, or mmj, for the Bellingham medical dispensary community.

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For forty years I have smoked very few types of weed. Having a blast having CHC folks educate me and show me new strains. Must admit it was funner when it was "naughty"/illegal... : )


The only dispensary I've gone to since I discovered them almost a year ago. For the economical shopper (me), CHC has BY FAR the best quality flower and concentrates for the best prices available. Look no further for great deals on great bud and concentrates. My personal favorites at low price that seem to be staples at CHC: God's Gift (herb and concentrate), Granddaddy Purple (herb), Afgooey (herb).

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