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BADA Cigar 3.5g

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A feat of engineering! These are three grams of premium bud perfectly ground, and rolled with a half gram of Badass Grass' clear distillate concentrate and then wrapped in a Sativa leaf. This is Badass' description, " Light them with a Blue Flame lighter until the end is red hot before you puff on them. They smoke for hours and when finished with a smoking session, the ash can be clipped with a Cigar Cutter or scissors to help retain flavor. We use 94% Clear instead of Rosin as it has a more stable shelf life. Terpenes are introduced to the Clear and Cigar."
  • Concentrate Type:
  • Vendor:
    Evergreen Hydro Farms
  • Brand:
    Badass Grass
  • Product Type:
    Infused Flower and Pre Rolls
  • Package Size:
  • THC:
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