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CANN Harlequin Tsunami CO2 vape cartridge .5g

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This cartridge from Cannasol is from their premier line, and is packaged in an improved style of cartridge that is glass with a metal tip and ceramic heating element, instead of the plastic cartridge with wick. The oil is made from flower that was sun-grown and pesticide free, and the CBD content and sativa dominant effects of Harlequin Tsunami are great for daytime relief.
  • Concentrate Type:
  • Vendor:
    Cannasol Farms
  • Brand:
  • Strain:
    Harlequin Tsunami
  • Product Type:
    Concentrates, High CBD
  • Cannabis Type:
    Sativa Hybrid
  • Package Size:
  • THC:
  • CBD:
  • Flower Type:
    Sativa Hybrid

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