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CANOR Gelato Honey Crystals 1g

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This BHO wax is a terp crystal from Canna Organix, and was made from premium organic flower only (no trim). Gelato is a tantalizing hybrid cannabis strain from Cookie Fam Genetics, following in the footsteps of its parents Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. This Bay Area, California native gets its name from the fruity, dessert-like aroma, a common genetic thread among the Cookie family. Physical relaxation is thought to come on strong, but many find themselves still mentally agile enough to stay productive and creative when enjoying Gelato during the day.
  • Vendor:
    Canna Organix
  • Brand:
    Canna Organix
  • Strain:
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  • Cannabis Type:
    Indica Hybrid
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