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CANOR Pineapple Crush Distillate Tanker 1g

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High-purity THC distillate flavored with natural plant-derived terpenes. They use groundbreaking technology and techniques to produce the highest-quality THC distillate. Their partners at Cannaroma--an unrivaled team of experienced PhDs, create amazing flavors using terpenes found in plant species from all over the world. The resulting distillate is smooth and flavorful with an excellent effect. This product is packaged in two small .5g applicators for 1g total. •Pineapple Crush - (Jack Herer)
  • Concentrate Type:
  • Vendor:
    Canna Organix
  • Brand:
    Canna Organix
  • Strain:
    Jack Herer
  • Product Type:
  • Cannabis Type:
    Sativa Hybrid
  • Package Size:
    .5g, 1g
  • THC:
  • CBD:
  • Flower Type:
    Sativa Hybrid

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