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FAIR Capsule FECO 2:1 CBD capsules 10 pack

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Fairwinds' proprietary 2nd-phase exract delivers a full spectrum of amazing all-natural plant components not available with typical single phase solvent extractions (think fruit & vegetable juicing). Fairwinds' FECO capsules effectively deliver a broad cannabinoid and terpene profile, along with flavonoids, triterpenoids & alkaloids, making this product significantly more advanced than other brands on the market. This is a 10 pack of capsules that contains a total of 125mg CBD + 50mg CBDA + 20mg THC + 80mg THCA with each capsule containing 12.5mg CBD, 5mg CBDA, 8mg THCA, and 2mg THC.
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    Fairwinds Manufacturing
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    Edibles, High CBD
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