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FAIR Capsule Rejuvenate CBD 10:1 10 pack

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Description from Fairwinds: "10:1 CBD Capsules - 10 pack with 150mg CBD and 15mg THC total Cellular enhancement, detoxification. Supports healthy immune function. – CBD is a powerful and miraculous substance. Our rejuvenate capsules maximize the effects of CBD through herbal synergy, harnessing the entourage effect that gives cannabis its power and variation effects from strain to strain. Different mixtures of cannabinoids produce different effects in cannabis depending on the type of cannabis. This is becoming well known, but it is still not fully understood by modern pharmacology. Using principles based in traditional herbal medicines, we have discovered herbal combinations that enhance the effects of cannabis, with noticeable results. For our rejuvenate capsule we blend AC/DC high CBD cannabis oil with an indica strain (THC dominant) to make standard THC/CBD ratios of 10:1 and 1:1. This blended oil is then infused with potent herbal detoxifiers and neuroprotectancts, thereby enhancing the function of CBD allowing it to absorb better, perform better, and have longer lasting effects in the body. Try our rejuvenate capsules for optimal CBD results."
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    Fairwinds Manufacturing
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    Edibles, High CBD, High CBD Compliant Products
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