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FAIR MDI Inhaler 1:1 CBD Ratio .7g

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NEW from Fairwinds! All Fairwinds' Discreet Inhaler device components are registered with the FDA and are created using propellant and equipment used in pharmaceutical-grade inhalers. No heat, no combustion, and no vaporization, these devices provide a new way to inhale cannabis with this odorless consumption method! Fairwinds uses pharmaceutical-grade technology designed for accurate and consistent dosing. Discreet Inhaler Device sold separately - no batteries required.
  • Concentrate Type:
  • Vendor:
    Fairwinds Manufacturing
  • Brand:
  • Strain:
    Mixed Strains
  • Product Type:
    Concentrates, High CBD
  • Cannabis Type:
  • Package Size:
  • THC:
  • CBD:

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