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FAIR RTM Recharge

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1. The Recharge RTM features a citrus berry flavor profile, THC and CBD cannabis and botanical extracts that get you thinking and moving. Have a Fairwinds Recharge RTM before an exciting event, or to help tackle a big list of chores. Whatever your agenda, enjoy an energized next-level experience with Recharge RTM! 2. By now, you surely have learned about the amazing benefits the cannabis plant can provide. Now you can start each day with a dose of CBD wellness in a beverage format you will love without worrying about the psychoactive effects you may want to exclude from your daily wellness product. The Emergen-CBD is a non-psychoactive Citrus drink that is light, refreshing and contains valuable nutrients, electrolytes, anti-oxidants along with premium CBD…Feel like you have something trying to bring you down….hit it with Emergen-CBD and let a 1,000mg of Vitamin C combined with all of the other amazing components to work it’s magic! 3. The Purplehaze RTM features a custom grape flavor drink blend and Indica dominant Cannabis to help mellow you out after that busy day or helps you fall into the kick-back zone you seek. Flow the powder into water, mix and relax with Purplehaze RTM!
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