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EVER Velvet Swing 3 pack 30mg

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About Velvet Swing Contains a specialized terpene profile, chosen for its aphrodisiacal properties. Free of parabens, glycerin, and propylene glycol. It is also balanced to match natural vaginal pH. This lube contains NO cannabis smell or taste. Velvet Swing is made by women, but fun for everyone! People of all sexes and genders can enjoy Velvet Swing. Each retail package contains a total of 9.9mg CBD/ 30mg THC divided into 3 single use pouches with 3.3mg CBD/ 10mg THC in each. Ingredients: Hydroxyethylcellulose, infused THC and CBD waters, citric acid, allantoin, potassium sorbate, stevia, and a custom terpene blend. What's so great about water soluble cannabis lubes? Well, they're... Latex safe!! You can safely use Velvet Swing with condoms and other latex safer sex products. Won't stain your sheets Won't make your body smell like cannabis Safe to use with silicon toys Velvet Swing was created by national sex icon and Stranger columnist Mistress Matisse, a Dominatrix and sex educator who understands the added value cannabis can bring to sex and intimacy. Velvet Swing contains a specialized terpene profile, chosen for its aphrodisiacal properties. This lube is the first in a line of products designed to encourage women and their partners to explore, connect, and ignite their passions! 8 out of 10 women reported longer, stronger orgasms with Velvet Swing.
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    Evergreen Herbal
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    Velvet Swing
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