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KIONA Santa Marta pre roll 2 pack

In Stock | Last update December 10, 2023 at 7:04 PM
These pre roll packs are from Kiona and contain two half grams pre rolls for a net weight of 1g. These are excellent quality pre rolls as they are made with all bud. Available in rotating strains. Collected from a family in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains along the Caribbean coast, these heirloom crops are watered entirely by hand and grown using sustainable, noncommercial methods. These high-quality plants are derived from two lines, including an ancestral Colombian Highland Gold strain which reflects the traits of the original Santa Marta Golds that pre-date Colombia’s export market. The other line, simply referred to as La Mota, central American Spanish for “The Flower”. It is a selection made for magico-religious purposes by Arhuaco healers from a miniscule and extremely desirable portion of wild plants that existed in the region many generations ago. This population is thought to be ancestral to the vast majority of the Caribbean, Central and South American drug cultivars.
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    Santa Marta
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