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SITKA Lebanese Red hash 1g

In Stock | Last update August 8, 2022 at 8:50 PM
From Sitka: "Few cannabis products are as versatile as properly prepared Middle Eastern Hashish. There are many ways to enjoy our authentic Lebanese Hash, but we recommend smoking it by using a hash pipe by breaking the hash into small pieces, stacking them in your bowl like briquettes, lighting the hash to allow to "cherry" and then pensively puffing on your pipe OR by using the "pin" method, by taking a clothespin, placing a small piece of hash on the point of the pin, then lighting that and letting it burn for 5-10 seconds, then blowing out the flame and inhaling the smoke. Our authentic Middle Eastern style hashish is made without solvents (including ice water) and is characterized by its distinct rich greasy outer shell, indicating a proper cure, and its' putty-like texture (it does not crumble!), as well as its' burn characteristics- similar to a stick of incense, slow and steady burn that leaves behind only pure white ash."
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    Sitka Packaging
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    Indica, Indica Hybrid
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