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SOLS Marmalade #32 CBD 1g

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Marmalade is a high CBD strain from Solstice’s “C & D” brand, with just over 13% THC and just over 9% CBD. Originally bred for its medicinal effects, Marmalade by Solstice is a hybrid cross of Blueberry Cheesecake and Sour Tsunami. This strain offers sweet notes reminiscent of wildflower honey and fresh berries. It's effects are said to be similar to DJ Short’s Blueberry, expressing analgesic qualities alongside a heady euphoria. Snap off this near 1:1 CBD-rich cross to enjoy an intricate terpene profile coupled with relaxing physical effects.
  • Vendor:
    Solstice Pro
  • Brand:
    C and D
  • Strain:
    Marmalade #32
  • Product Type:
    Flower, High CBD
  • Package Size:
  • THC:
  • CBD:

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