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CASCADE HERB now in 2 locations

Located at 1240 E Maple St in Bellingham, WA and 6167 Portal Way in Ferndale, WA

Don’t forget you can always beat the rush and pre-order online for pick up in store, or pre-order for curbside pick up through 10/31/21.


NOTE: As per CDC and WA state guidelines, as of August 23rd, face masks are required for all customers regardless of vaccination status.

(Can’t wear a mask? We encourage you to utilize our curbside pick up option, reinstated through Oct. 31, 2021 – scroll to the bottom of this page for details!)



Sales and Specials

(updated 9/24/2021)



Happy 7 year anniversary to Cascade! As a thank you to all our wonderful customers for all their support, special deals will be continuously released all month long and ALL specials will be running through the end of the month or while supplies last (unless otherwise specified)!



420 Gold high potency flower SALE starts today, 9/24 – take $15 off all 420 Gold 14gs and $30 off all 420 Gold 28gs!

(Bellingham stocked with 14gs and 28gs, Ferndale stocked with 14gs only)




$5 off ALL Dabstract live resin dabs, bringing them down to just $30/g! Starts today, Friday 9/24 and runs through the end of the month : )




High End Farms $55/14 pack 7g pre rolls restocked at both locations and now through the end of the month mix n match any 2/$100 




$15 off Florigen ounces Friday-Sunday

(only $125/28g once discounted!)




Natural Mystic b-bud ounces freshly restocked and take $10 off through the rest of the month!

(Only at Bellingham)




Cannasol Farm’s 18 pack/13.5g pre roll jars – freshly stocked at both locations with multiple strain options, AND through the rest of the month take $20 off

 (only $50 once discounted!!)




30% off Ionic White full gram distillate cartridges – with discount only $28/g

(Both locations freshly restocked TODAY (9/22) with TONS of new options!!!)




NEW Dabulous flavored distillate cartridges now available, only $25/g



Airo Pro vape cartridges freshly restocked and HUGE price drops, with distillate options now only $42/g (down from $55) and live resin options now $55/g or mix n match 2/$100 (down from $68/g)

(only at Bellingham)



Florigen pre roll 2 packs now $6/2pk 1.5g and fully restocked at both locations with customer favorites like NL5 Haze and new strains!




Columbia brand pre roll 2 packs now only $5/2pk 1.2g AND 5 packs now only $12/5pk 3g!

(Currently only in stock at Bellingham, and freshly restocked with new strains! Ferndale all sold out)




Oleum’s honey crystal is fresh in at both shops as of 9/20/21, AND Do-Si-Lime honey crystal is only $30! available while supplies last (save $6!)




Dank Czar fresh in, and select a-grade 3.5g jars normally $40/3.5g on special – mix n match 2/$70! (save $10!)

(Bellingham select strains: Sour Blueberry, Sour Cherry Cookies, Pineapple Express)

(Ferndale select strains: Afghan Diesel, Sour Cherry Cookies, Sour Blueberry)




Sunshine Co-Op 3.5gs restocked, and now available in a mix n match any two $12/3.5gs for $20 deal!

(Bellingham strains: Berry Haze, Cherry Berry Pie, Diesel Berry, NYC Diesel, and Tropic Kush)

(Ferndale strains: Cherry Berry Pie, Diesel Berry, Tropic Kush, Schnapps)



Leafwerx “Brights” CO2 dabs $30/g or mix n match 2/$40 (select strains) ALL MONTH LONG!

(Select strains available at both locations: Choco Diesel, Punch Breath, and Golden Lemon)



Root Down a-grade concentrates reg. price $40/g NOW available mix n match 2/$60 through the month of September!



Sunshine Co-Op select ounces of flower only $40/28g!

(Bellingham: Berry Rider, Diesel Berry, NYC Diesel, Wavy Blue, Tropic Kush, and Berry Haze)

(Ferndale: NYC Diesel and Berry Rider)



Fresh in from Doghouse, Star Killer 14gs and 28gs on sale 30% off while supplies last! (save $40.50-$102!)

(Bellingham is all sold out of 28gs – Ferndale has 1 left!)





$10 off Dabulous full gram distillate cartridges – making them only $25/g – and FRESHLY RESTOCKED TODAY (9/22) with tons of options at both locations




Add on deals are back!

Every day this month, or while supplies last,  with any marijuana purchase, add on a NW Cultivators full gram infused pre roll for just $5!



All Fairwinds products 20% off on Friday




Agrijuana/INDO THC cartridges 25% off while supplies last! (only at Bellingham)



NEW $10/100mg THC “Lime Time” Panda Candies (only @ Bellingham)



Cascade Herb vape batteries $20/unit or mix n match 2/$30 !




Gold n Grams live resins restocked – $40/g or mix n match 2/$70 all month or while supplies last (only @ Bellingham)




Buddy Boy pre roll 28 packs freshly restocked and take $5 off – making them only $60/28pk 14g total  (only @ Ferndale)




20%-25% off select strains/sizes from Freya

(Options differ by location, please give us a call for exact product availability)




20% off all Freya pre roll 2 packs




Columbia ounces on sale for only $80 !! (Save $20-$30)

(Sale extended until further notice)




Walden CBD Isolates normally $25/g on special mix n match 2/$30 still running (only @ Bellingham)



 ALL $35/7gs on sale mix n match 2/$60




 Walden sugar waxes and crumbles mix n match 2/$50

(don’t forget these can mix n match with Natural Mystic AND Dorado Terp Slushee waxes, also $28/g or 2/$50)




“Giant” brand pre roll 4 packs $12/3g or mix n match 2/$20 (only @ Bellingham)




Dog House Premium Cannabis 30% select strains/products!





40% off Dank Czar Bruce Banner hash rosin while supplies last – only 1 left at Ferndale!

(Bellingham all sold out)





WAS 20% NOW 30% off Freya 28gs while supplies last (only in stock @ Bellingham)





30% off select strains/sizes Seattle’s Private Reserve flower (only @ Ferndale, Bellingham sold out)

(Select strains/sizes available: Blueberry Diesel Triple OG 7g, and Legalized OG 3.5g-7g)




Select strains/sizes Clandestine flower 25% off (only @ Ferndale)

(Select strains: ATF 3.5g and Love Triangle 3.5g- w/ discount only $26.25, Jungle Punch 3.5g and The Mac 3.5g- w/ discount only $33.75)




20% off select Dank Czar flower – strains/sizes varies by location

(Ferndale: Lemoncane 3.5g and 14g)

(Bellingham: Super Silver Haze, Lemoncane, Peanut Butter Breath, Smartiez, and SweetTartz – all sizes)





30% off Starseed CBD isolate crumbles and shatters testing over 90% CBD while supplies last!




Staff Fresh Picks:

(available at both locations unless specified)
– NEW Squared CBD edibles ft. a 5:1 CBD:THC ratio and 50mg CBD per chocolate! Now available at Bellingham for just $20/6pk
– Cannasol fresh flower drop and new strains now available!
– Florigen flower freshly restocked and ounces are on sale this weekend $15 off
– Florigen pre roll 2pks and 5pks fully restocked and new strains now available!
– Airo Pro cartridges are fully restocked in Bellingham with HUGE price drops!
– 100mg Legal Beverages restocked – get ’em before they’re gone!
– Ceres tinctures, topicals, edibles restocked
– Fresh drop from Solar Gold ft. their infused pre roll 2 packs and high test flower
– Agrijuana/Indo flower and pre rolls restocked
– Subx FRESH drop of flower again this week! Wedding Cake now available
– Oleum honey crystals, live resins, and infused pre rolls restocked at both locations
– GTP flower and pre roll 3 packs AND 14 packs fully restocked with a HUGE selection
– Canna Organix CannaWhupass distillate cartridges restocked at Bellingham
– Dabulous distillate cartridges restocked and still available for just $25/g
– NEW Wicked brand dabs now available in our $23/g or mnm 2/$40 or 3$50 BHO deal!
– Dabulous NEW flavored distillate cartridges now available
– Ionic CO2 cartridges are back on our shelves! And only $25/g : )
– Ionic White distillate THC cartridges fully restocked and still running on special 30% off ! Only $28/g for these top of the line distillate cartridges : )
– Verdelux edibles restocked
– Mfused cartridges restocked with customer favorites AND new fun flavors like Sunny OG from their Twisted line, as well as NEW strains like Rozay (I)
– Zootrocks are fully restocked! Now available in many flavors for only $25/100mg
– Mfused’s Arson brand just dropped off NEW delicious, cost effective infused oral sprays – strain specific, available in indica, sativa, hybrid AND CBD options, and only $10/100mg!
– High End Farms fresh drop ft. NEW STRAINS like Afgoo Alien and Plushberry – available in both flower and pre rolls : )
– Constellation Cannabis rosin cartridges, rosin dabs, AND flower now available (only @ Bellingham)



GREEN STICKER SPECIAL – take 25% off any product with a GREEN sticker! (Ferndale only) 


introducing to our Ferndale location……  Early Bird and Late Night discount hours! Every day 8am-10am and 10pm-close take 10% off any purchase or 20% off any purchase of $50 + (Ferndale location ONLY!)

Everyday Specials:

ALL Arkatek glass marked down 20-25% off
Panda Pax Pods and Leafwerx Pax Pods ALL mix n match 2/$60
Mix n match 2/$50 distillate Millennium and Starseed distillate cartridges
Mix n match 2/$60 cartridge brands include: Regulator from SPP, Arson from Mfused, Phat Panda, Dabulous from Ionic, Omega from Dank Czar, all CBD cartridges from Mfused, all CBD cartridges from Ionic White
Mix n match 2/$70 cartridge brands include: Clearly from Botanimax, Better from Avitas, Wander cartridges, Regulator Gold from SPP
Mix n match 2/$75 cartridge brands include: Buddies, Two Heads, Mfused, Ionic, Starstillate, Leafwerx, and now Crystal Clear
Mix n match 2/$80 cartridge brands include: Dr & Crook, all CBD cartridges from Millennium
Airo Pro 1g distillate cartridges mix n match 2/$100
 Mix n match 4/$50 BHO
Mix n match 2/$50 on Natural Mystic a-grade, Dorado Terp Slushee, and Walden concentrates
SPP/Regulator dabs mix n match 2/$40 or 3/$50
 LCG 7 pack pre rolls $15 or mix n match 2/$25
“Twisted” infused pre rolls $11/g or mix n match 2/$20
Firecracker infused pre rolls $12/g or mix n match 2/$20
Solar Gold infused pre rolls $12/2 pack 1g or mix n match 2/$20
Terp Stix infused pre rolls $12/g or mix n match 2/$20
Walden and Buddy Boy .5g pre rolls mix n match 6/$20
5 pack Viva Fire pre rolls $12 or mix n match 2/$20
Giant brand 4 pack pre rolls $12 or mix n match 2/$20
$35/7gs mix n match 2/$60
Come check out the largest selection in Whatcom county!  Staying safe, stocked, stoned, and….. HEALTHY!! : )


With any cannabis purchase you can get a 2 pack edible for $2 added on any day of the week.

and much much more…….




 $3 edibles ($2 w/any other cannabis purchase), $3 pre rolls, $5 grams

1g BHO @ $8

1g RSO @ $18

1g Distillate @ $30

1g Cartridge @ $25

3.5g’s @ $8-$10 (Fern-Bham)

7g’s @ $20-$24 (Bham-Fern)

$40 half ounces

$40 ounces

Huge selection on 2/$40, 3/$50 grams of BHO





Updates re COVID-19 preparedness:

Online ordering for pick up: 

If you place an order online please don’t wait in line outside.  Come to the other door marked exit only, and just poke your head into inquire if your order is ready yet.  If so, we’ll ring you right up.  If not, please continue to wait there until we get it ready for you and then we’ll come get you.



Update 9/3/20: CURBSIDE PICK-UP (CASH OR CARD ((must have pin number))) available between the hours of 10am- 8pm. We are still open for regular in store sales between 8am-11:55pm.

We are now able to provide pick up right in our parking lot.  If you would like please feel free to do the following:

  1. Place your order online (If you are unable to do this you could try calling and talking your way through an order with a budtender but much easier would be an online order
  2. Either call before you leave to come pick-up or call when you park in our lot to insure that the order is ready.  If/when it is….HAVE SUFFICIENT CASH or a card that has a pin number set up on it. (Bank service fee applies). Please plan accordingly.
  3. We will go over your order in detail over the phone with you once you are here, parked, and call us to insure that it is correct as we ring it up.
  4. We will then have a budtender come out to your car.  Please put your window down about 4″ and provide the cash or we will run the card right at your car for you.
  5. We will then go back inside, finish ringing the order through, and bring you out your products, any change due, and your receipt.
  6. We then ask that you check out your products and any change in view of our staff through the car window carefully before we wish you well on your way.

Note: The LCB is asking that everyone in the vehicle be old enough to purchase.  Everyone should be ready and able to hold their ID up to their window to prove age.

Note: We will be able to look up discounts for you and apply them, and upon request create a check-in for you. One check-in per order as usual.

We hope that this helps out many folks who would prefer to not come into the store in person.  Please read further details below regarding in-store policies.  Thanks! Stay healthy, and stay Gold!



Other notes re Covid related policies:


We request that everyone coming to the store do so with very recently washed and/or sanitized hands.  If you are experiencing any flu like symptoms please arrange for someone else, who has not been in direct contact with you, to come pick up. We also request that folks hold their ID’s out so that our staff can read them without having to touch them.  We request that customers not touch any products.  If they desire to read the back side of the product our staff will be happy to help.  We know a lot of you like family.  That said, please refrain from hugging, shaking hands, or high-fiving us.  Virtual high-fives are always welcome tho!

Further, we have been taking sanitation precautions for weeks now and will continue to ramp up these efforts as is possible.  We are currently wiping down the store regularly with sanitizer. If you see staff doing this please be patient while they do so even if it means waiting an extra minute for service.

Lastly, please do YOUR part to keep yourself as healthy as possible for you and everyone else. To us this means: lots of sleep (8+ hrs), lots of water (8 glasses/day), eat healthy, get exercise outdoors, and take your vitamins and/or herbal immuno-boosts. And maybe most importantly…do your best to not stress out. Hopefully we can continue to help you with that 🙂



Sale Products


Pre-order for in-store pickup

Due to state regulations online transactions and/or delivery of Cannabis are currently prohibited. However, the Cascade Herb online menu enables you to view our in stock selection and to pre-order for in store pick-up. Submitting your order online requires no login and will automatically send us electronic notification so that we may have your order prepared for you when you come in to make the purchase in person.
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Featured Products


Pre-order for in-store pickup

Due to state regulations online transactions and/or delivery of Cannabis are currently prohibited. However, the Cascade Herb online menu enables you to view our in stock selection and to pre-order for in store pick-up. Submitting your order online requires no login and will automatically send us electronic notification so that we may have your order prepared for you when you come in to make the purchase in person.
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