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CASCADE HERB now in 2 locations

Located at 1240 E Maple St in Bellingham, WA and 6167 Portal Way in Ferndale, WA

Don’t forget you can always beat the rush and pre-order online for pick up (both locations) or curbside (Bellingham cash or card, Ferndale cash only currently). Both locations do have ATM’s.


Sales and Specials

(updated 11/26/2020)

 BHO wax blow out! Friday 11/27 Select options for only $5/g  (Bellingham: Gelato and Cherry OG, Ferndale: Gorilla Glue) (limit 1/customer please)   
25% off (Friday only 11/27) for the following: 
Oleum Lodi Punch cryotek 
Crystal Clear Disposables: **Special Sauce and OG Diesel  
LeafWerx ultra refined distillate .5g cartridges: Pink Unicorn and G 13
Agrijuana .5g and 1g carts: Aliens on Moonshine, Blue Cheese, Blueberry, Jack Skellington
 Oleum Wedding Crasher honey crystal at $25/g Friday 11/27 only  
  LCG 7 pack pre rolls ONLY $15 !  On Friday 11/27 they are 2/$25 MixNMatch
$3 add on pre rolls: Cowlitz White Label’s (Friday 11/27 )(Bham only) 

Moani flower all 20% off   (ongoing)

GTP’s Dolato flower 20% off all sizes!   (ongoing)
All Greenrush flower 20% off !  (ongoing)
 All Wyatt Herb remaining quantities 25% off!    (ongoing)
Clandestine Trim sale still running! 20% off !   (ongoing)
CRAVE 14gs 20% off   (ongoing)
NOMAD (Root Down’s big little sister brand) just hit shelves ($20/2g and 7gs at only $50)  (ongoing)
Fairwinds .5g cartridges 20% off    (ongoing)
Buddies Tahoe OG Live Resin $10 off ! (Now $30/g)  (ongoing)
Red Dot special!! (Ferndale location only). Anything with a red dot is 25% off! 
Fairwinds .5g carts on sale 20% off 
Multiple $10 grams of oil back in stock. 
And take advantage of our wide array of $15 grams that mix n match 5/$60
PRICE DROPS ON OUNCES ! Save $25-$30 on Columbia Territory 28gs (prices as marked)
 Clandestine trim ounces on sale 20% off !
New! BETTER brand distillate carts mix n match 2/$70
 Mister Twister / Twisted infused pre rolls mix n match 2 / $20 !
Come check out the largest selection in Whatcom county!  Staying safe, stocked, stoned, and….. HEALTHY!! : )

Staff Fresh Picks:


– CBD flower selection is back! Come check out freshly stocked options like Orgrow’s Cannatonic, Buddy Boy, Harmony Farms, and Lilac City
– Lilac City Gardens fresh drop of LA Confidential, Mimosa, and NEW “Mando” now available
– Seattle’s Private Reserve FRESH DROP of high grade – customer favorites restocked like Sour Headband, and NEW dank including Dog Walker, Sundae Driver, and more
– Western Cultured flower freshly dropped – 1g’s, 3.5g’s, and 14g’s
– High potency 420 Gold half ounces back in stock – some testing over 30% – check them out while they last $135/14g
– Buddy Boy and LCG flower JUST DROPPED – new strains now available in all sizes!
– Freya Farms flower restocked and NEW strains again including Velvet Skies and Candyland
– Agrijuana/Indo flower restocked in all sizes and NEW strains! (@ BHAM ONLY)
– Phat Panda flower restocked – Bong Buddies, 3.5gs, 14gs and 28gs ! (Select strains/sizes available at each location)
– $13/g BHO mix n match 5/$60 or 7/$80 deal is back
– Both locations stacked with $10/g BHO options
– FRESH DROPS from Oleum – hecka fresh options of honey crystal AGAIN
– Root Down a-grade concentrates restocked! $40/g and over 90% THC – favorite strains like Georgia White and White Tahoe Cookies …. yum!
– GTP Golden Rocks fully stocked – kief and wax infused grams of flower only $15/g
– Dabstract Live Resins freshly dropped – all $40/g
– 4/$50 BHO options galore!
– Leafwerx CO2 Brights restocked and new strains!! $30/g
– NEW High grade live resins from Seattle’s Private Reserve freshly dropped – with both options testing over 7% terpenes !
– NEW Arson cartridges from Mfused, ft. a combo of cannabis terpenes and other natural terpenes – try one today for $35/g or mix n match 2/$60 ! (BHAM ONLY)
– SPP Regulator cartridges restocked – $35/g or mix n match 2/$60
-Leafwerx Ultra-Refined distillate cartridges restocked – $40/g or mnm 2/$75 (@ BHAM ONLY)
– Ionic White distillate cartridges fully restocked with a HUGE strain selection! **These cartridges are a staff favorite!!
– Root Down high potency distillate cartridges now available!
– NEW from Fairwinds – Pax Pods and 1g cartridges now available! Come check out their “Ratio” line
– Canna Organix distillate vape cartridges fully restocked, available in CBD options as well
– AVITAS cartridges and Hellavated cartridges & Pax pods freshly dropped – with lots of new strain options
– Phat Panda pax pods restocked $35/.5g
Pre rolls: 
– Lilac City Gardens pre rolls are back in stock! get them while you can – limited availability
– $5/g pre rolls poppin’ with options
– Ionic 2 packs pre rolls and NEW 1g pre rolls restocked in new strains! only $6/g
– NEW “Funky Monkey” and “Private Reserve” high grade pre rolls just dropped! only $8/g
– Seattle’s Private Reserve full flower premium 2 pack pre rolls restocked – only $10/1.5g
– Western Cultured premium 2 pack pre rolls restocked and new strains available!
– Prohibition Brands infused pre rolls restocked in customer favorites including Roach’s infused 12 pack of “Bullets” , Ice Cream Sundae infused pre rolls, CBD sativa shots, and more!
– Also ft. from Prohibition Brands – NEW CBD Machine Gun infused joints only $11 and NEW White Lion Tequila cured infused now in stock!
– Buddy Boy pre rolls restocked in all sizes and types – $4/.5g’s, $6/g’s, $7/2 packs, and top shelf 420 Gold bomber boxes $25/3g
–  Don’t forget – every day, Buddy Boy’s mix n match 6 $4/pre rolls for just $20
– Phat Panda Firecrackers fully restocked – both locations poppin’ with options
– Phat Panda high potency pre rolls freshly restocked – and NEW strains like Jack and Jill, which is a cross of Jack Herer and Trophy Wife – budtenders say it’s fire
– Ceres topicals restocked – customer favorites like Dragon Balm, Moon Cycle, Restore, and more!
– Prohibition Gold’s Devilz Oil and CBD Angelz Oil topical sprays restocked
– ARSON infused MCT oil vials 400mg only $20 ! Indica, sativa, hybrid, & CBD options including 20:1 high CBD and 1:1 CBD:THC available NOW
– NEW Double Delicious SUPER ampules now available! 600mg THC for just $30 (BHAM only)
– Freya trim is back in limited supply –  $40/14g and NEW strains!
– Clandestine trim fully stocked! and on SALE 20% OFF
– Natural Mystic $20/7g and $35/14gs of trim (BHAM ONLY)
– Cannagenesis’ SpaceWeed Ground Flower 3.5gs just $20 (BHAM ONLY)
– Check out full ounces of trim from Viva Fire for just $80 (BHAM ONLY)
– Verdelux full line of edibles restocked – illuminations, bon bombs, lush gummies, and NEW Apple Cider Honey Caramel Bon Bombs – seasonal flavor, limited edition
– Journeyman and SPOT edibles restocked – and NEW Journeyman sour jellies now available
– Ceres full line of capsules, tinctures, and edibles restocked
– PotShotz flavorless THC mixers restocked and only $20/100mg
– Legal Beverage line fully restocked – all flavors now available with select doses available varying by location
– Don’t forget our MAJOR stock of MAJOR juice beverages! Only $15/100mg THC
– Koko Gemz Milk Chocolate CBD 10 packs now ONLY $20 !
– Magic Kitchen edibles fully restocked – Magic Pebbles (THC and CBD options), Koko Gemz, Mari’s Mints, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies, and NEW Hi-Bursts NOW available in sativa/indica!

and much much more…….


With any cannabis purchase you can get a 2 pack edible for $2 added on any day of the week.




 $3 edibles ($2 w/any other cannabis purchase), $4 pre rolls, $5 grams

1g BHO @ $10

1g RSO @ $18

1g Distillate @ $25-$35 (Fern-Bham)

1g Cartridge @ $30-$35 (Fern-Bham)

3.5g’s @ $15

7g’s @ $30

$55-$60 half ounces (Fern-Bham)

$95 ounces

Huge selection on 2/$40, 3/$50 grams of BHO





Updates re COVID-19 preparedness:

Online ordering for pick up: 

If you place an order online please don’t wait in line outside.  Come to the other door marked exit only, and just poke your head into inquire if your order is ready yet.  If so, we’ll ring you right up.  If not, please continue to wait there until we get it ready for you and then we’ll come get you.

Curbside Pick Up:

Update 4/17/20: CURBSIDE PICK-UP (CASH OR CARD ((must have pin number))) available between the hours of 10am- 8pm. We are still open for regular in store sales between 8am-11:55pm.

We are now able to provide pick up right in our parking lot.  If you would like please feel free to do the following:

  1. Place your order online (If you are unable to do this you could try calling and talking your way through an order with a budtender but much easier would be an online order
  2. Either call before you leave to come pick-up or call when you park in our lot to insure that the order is ready.  If/when it is….HAVE SUFFICIENT CASH or a card that has a pin number set up on it. (Bank service fee applies). Please plan accordingly.
  3. We will go over your order in detail over the phone with you once you are here, parked, and call us to insure that it is correct as we ring it up.
  4. We will then have a budtender come out to your car.  Please put your window down about 4″ and provide the cash or we will run the card right at your car for you.
  5. We will then go back inside, finish ringing the order through, and bring you out your products, any change due, and your receipt.
  6. We then ask that you check out your products and any change in view of our staff through the car window carefully before we wish you well on your way.

Note: The LCB is asking that everyone in the vehicle be old enough to purchase.  Everyone should be ready and able to hold their ID up to their window to prove age.

Note: We will be able to look up discounts for you and apply them, and upon request create a check-in for you. One check-in per order as usual.

We hope that this helps out many folks who would prefer to not come into the store in person.  Please read further details below regarding in-store policies.  Thanks! Stay healthy, and stay Gold!

Other notes re Covid related policies:

MASK REQUIRED FOR IN STORE SERVICE – as of 7/8/2020 as per state mandate. **Individuals who cannot wear a facial mask due to health or medical reasons are exempt from this requirement – however we encourage such individuals to use our curbside pickup option if possible. See more info at

We are now mandating a 12 person max occupancy policy (that includes staff).  This might mean waiting outside or in your car until another person exits.  Please be patient and work together as a community to self organize this system in the event we do not have someone outside conducting.  If you order online please do not wait in line but rather check in at the left doors to see if it is ready.  If so, we can get you right to the check out line without waiting outside. All of these efforts are to minimize person to person contact.  Please give a 6′ spacing between people both in the store and if you need wait in line outside.

We request that everyone coming to the store do so with very recently washed and/or sanitized hands.  If you are experiencing any flu like symptoms please arrange for someone else, who has not been in direct contact with you, to come pick up. We also request that folks hold their ID’s out so that our staff can read them without having to touch them.  We request that customers not touch any products.  If they desire to read the back side of the product our staff will be happy to help.  We know a lot of you like family.  That said, please refrain from hugging, shaking hands, or high-fiving us.  Virtual high-fives are always welcome tho!

Further, we have been taking sanitation precautions for weeks now and will continue to ramp up these efforts as is possible.  We are currently wiping down the store with sanitizer hourly or more. If you see staff doing this please be patient while they do so even if it means waiting an extra minute for service.

Lastly, please do YOUR part to keep yourself as healthy as possible for you and everyone else. To us this means: lots of sleep (8+ hrs), lots of water (8 glasses/day), eat healthy, get exercise outdoors, and take your vitamins and/or herbal immuno-boosts. And maybe most importantly…do your best to not stress out. Hopefully we can continue to help you with that 🙂



Sale Products


Pre-order for in-store pickup

Due to state regulations online transactions and/or delivery of Cannabis are currently prohibited. However, the Cascade Herb online menu enables you to view our in stock selection and to pre-order for in store pick-up. Submitting your order online requires no login and will automatically send us electronic notification so that we may have your order prepared for you when you come in to make the purchase in person.
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Featured Products


Pre-order for in-store pickup

Due to state regulations online transactions and/or delivery of Cannabis are currently prohibited. However, the Cascade Herb online menu enables you to view our in stock selection and to pre-order for in store pick-up. Submitting your order online requires no login and will automatically send us electronic notification so that we may have your order prepared for you when you come in to make the purchase in person.
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